Amazingly, G is learning to read at lightning speed.  I have tried to tell him that the whole language approach is out of fashion, that phonics is where it’s at, but so far he is not listening.  The other day he wanted to play a children’s Bible trivia game, but I was unsure whether or not we could play just the two of us.  Who would read ME the questions?  G didn’t seem to think it a problem.  He immediately picked up the first card, and READ the question.  Word by word he read the question to where I understood it.

DSC_0011_2394After the game I made a big deal about how he read those questions ALL BY HIMSELF.  Obviously proud of himself and hiding a grin, he feigned a nonchalant gesture, “Yeah, I can read, ’cause I’m three.”

Ok, G, let’s practice some prepositions.  This was a very spontaneous activity.  Basically, I was trying to occupy him while the big brothers were finishing up some more demanding grammar and math.  I told him we would  need to enlist the help of some of his “buddies.”  I had written a few directional prepositions on slips of paper, asked him to read the word(s), and place the stuffed animal friend where indicated.  Here they are:


Lewis is ON the bed.




DSC_0019_2389Bubby is IN FRONT OF the bed.


Bubby-Crab is UNDER the bed.



DSC_0016_2387_edited-1Hooey is NEXT TO the bed.





My favorite is how he figured out what to do with the teddy bear.


Grandma-T bear is climbing OVER the bed.

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