Pleasantly surprised to have stumbled across this blog recently, I wanted more people to see these practical words of wisdom. From a mom who has continued teaching her children from Central Asia to the Midwest….

Endeavors Of Excellence

Scott and I struggled with Family Devotions.  I’m a trained teacher.  I knew how to throw a lesson plan together in split seconds.  Scott would start something and I would explain to him all the pedagogical reasons that was not good.  (Blogging on wives respecting husbands will come later. )  It seems obvious to you, but this did not create harmony and a spirit of wanting to grow together.  When we felt guilty enough, we started again.  Never really knowing if we were doing the Devos “the right way.”  Always unsure of ourselves.

Here’s the deal.  If you loving God and your family, and you are reading or telling the Word of God to your family, you are doing Devos “the right way.”  There is no one way.  That’s the enemy’s false guilt to get you to stop.

Today is today.  Choose today to open God’s Word with your family.

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